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We are an agency specialized in walking tours, with more than 15 years of experience in the area. Over these years we have been getting to know tourist partners in which we have been adding value to those who seek our services. Currently on this site, in addition to our services, you will find services from our partners that we highly recommend at excellent prices.
Most of the services you will find here are with transportation included. Book with us and discover Madeira with us!

Madeira Walks

When visiting the Madeira, you have to go on at least one excursion, to really appreciate the rich natural heritage, this island has to offer.

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Trekking Tours

We offer all types of Madeira walks, trekking and hiking along the many levadas and Mountains trails that can be found all over Island.

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Here you can book as our excursions on our island.

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Madeira Trekking and Levadas Madeira

On the island of Madeira there are dozens of trails and levadas for walking. From the levadas madeira that lead us through the enchanted forest of Laurissilva, to surprising waterfalls and idyllic lagoons, to the fabulous trails that connect the highest peaks. There is a lot of diversity for trail lovers. The choice is not easy, but one thing you can be sure of: on all the trails and levadas in Madeira, you will feel a communion with nature and on each trail you will find a magical charm that will make your vacation moments to remember later.

Levadas Madeira

Levada Adoch + Poncha

Days: Thursday
Levada adoch its a leisure walk according with weather forecast for up to 2.30hrs. walking.

Levada do Rei

Days: Saturday
The Levada do Rei begins in the Water Treatment Station in Quebradas in São Jorge. This route skirts the valley of São Jorge, where we can observe some herbs and medicinal plants and at the same time learn a little about them.

Levada Referta / Mercado santo da serra

Days: Sunday
Relaxing Levada Walk between mountains and valley’s on the area of Machico, the contrast of the natural vegetation and the terraces producing different vegetables and fruits
Levada do Norte

Levada do Norte – Câmara de Lobos

Days: Friday
All year round, this is a superb walk, with a sun blessed aspect, through landscape rich in cultivation. this walk starts just after Cabo girão, passing through the valley of Quinta grande and Campanario.
Levada Prazeres

Levada Prazeres / Ponta do Pargo

Days: Saturday
In Prazeres we start this magnificent walk between the sea and mountain landscapes.
Levada Ribeiro Frio

Levada Ribeiro Frio / Portela

Days: Friday
Levada walk through the natural vegetation with fantastic view over the gorges and valleys with the Penha D’Aguia in the background.

Levada da Serra do Faial

Days: Thursday
Another relaxing walk along one of the beautiful levadas on the neighbourhoods of Funchal, mixture of sea and mountains views is going to delight you. this walk starts in Caminho do Pico do Infante and ends in rochão.
Levada Rabaçal

Levada Rabaçal / 25 Fontes

Days: Wednesday / Sunday
Levada walk with fascinating landscape incorporating tremendous valleys, spectacular waterfalls infinite laurel and header forest and beautiful springs.
Levada Queimadas

Levada Queimadas / Caldeirão Verde

Day: Monday
A very special walk through one of the Madeira’s oldest Levadas where you can feel the nature surrounded by the Laurisylva vegetation where you can admire beautiful landscapes of valleys, small craters, water falls, sea and mountains.
Levada dos Maroços

Levada dos Maroços / Vale das Mimosas

Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Relaxing Levada Walk between mountains and valley’s on the area of Machico, the contrast of the natural vegetation and the terraces producing different...

Trekking Madeira

Vereda Adoch + Madeira Wine

Days: Tuesday
Tour through the most important wine area on the island. Stunning landscapes over agricultural land and rural areas west of Funchal.

Vereda do Larano

Days: Tuesday
This walk connects Machico to Porto da Cruz through an old footpath once used by the local people to move from one place to another to do exchange business.
Pico do Arieiro

Vereda Pico do Arieiro – Pico Ruivo – Achada do Teixeira

Days: Tuesday
To the Pico Ruivo, the highest summit Madeira’s this day brings certainly a high point in our walking week. By bus we drive to the Pico do Arieiro, it is already an altitude of 1.800 m.

Vereda do Fanal & Seixal

Days: Wednesday
This attractive trail starts in the plateau of Paul da Serra, ends in Fanal, the being the perfect spot to relax and enjoy nature at its best.
Ponta de São Lourenço

Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenço

Days: Friday
The peninsula of Ponta de São Lourenço. Today’s walk leads you to a contrast of the evergreen flower island. The wide open spaces of Ponta de São Lourenço peninsula can be green, hard and wet or dry and bare depending on the season.
Boca do Risco

Vereda da Boca do Risco

Days: Saturday
The high contrast panoramic hike, takes us up through one of the most fertile areas of the island to Boca do Risco, where we expect a huge sight on the raging sea.


casino da madeira

Typical Nigth Funchal

Days: Wednesday / Friday / Sunday
We choose the restaurant so that you may be free to indulge in the simple delights of Madeiran cuisine.
Porto Santo

Porto Santo

Days: Middel February to December
Porto Santo is the smaller of the inhabited islands of the Madeira Archipelago. It lies in the Atlantic Ocean, at the South-western tip of Europe, about 500 km from the coast of Africa and 1000 km from Continental Europe. It takes around 1hr 30 min to fly from Lisbon to Porto Santo Island.


Days: Tuesday & Saturday
What a glorious day out this is, with so many delights to see. Pico do Arieiro, which at 1810mtrs is breathtaking, Ribeiro Frio, and the noted trout hatchery, Santana home to the ‘A’ framed cottages.
Porto moniz madeira

Porto Moniz

Days: Wednesday / Friday / Sunday
Then, travel up through a lush valley region to the mountain pass of Encumeada at 1007 m, with a wonderful view over the north and the south coast. Next descend to the north coast till Porto Moniz, famed for its volcanic rock swimming pools, passing through São Vicente & Seixal.

City Tour Funchal

Days: Monday & Thursday
City-tour, enables you to discover the highlights of Funchal, Madeiras capital. Across the city centre, visit the old city quarters with its typical streets, full up with live and colourful.
Eira do Serrado e Monte

Eira do Serrado / Monte

Days: Monday & Thursday
This excursion calls first at Pico dos Barcelos, which enjoys superb views of Funchal, before winding it’s way up the mountain to the view point of Eira do Serrado.


Wine & SkyWalk

Join us on this extraordinary open-top 4x4 excursion, where vineyards, wine tasting, and the Cabo Girão skywalk converge to create an encounter that will leave you breathless and desiring more.

Whale Watching

Catamaran From the beaches to the outcrops and from the sea to the mountains. We churn up the ocean in our search for the right coordinates and there they are! Dolphins!

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Meet different groups of dolphins, whales and turtles in their natural habitat and marvel as the animals jump and splash in the water.

Vineyards & Colors – Cabo Girão

Start your day at a place of stirring atmosphere, visiting one of the most emblematic sightseeing points before all the hustle and bustle of buses and visitors cars arrive at Cabo Girão.

Tour I – Cais do Sardinha to Marina Quinta do Lorde

Discover the coast of Baia D’Abra and feel the sea breeze as you travel in an open RIB-style boat between Cais do Sardinha and Quinta do Lorde.


We are in Funchal and we look towards the twilight. Do you know what we see? Absolutely nothing! No buildings, towers or bridges.


Kirsi Joronen
Kirsi Joronen
Hurjaa, hienoa ja ihmeellistä. Onneksi on myös matalampia paikkoja. Korkealla voi "vähän" huimata! Kannattaa kokeilla.
Feliz Pereira
Feliz Pereira
Canais que transportam água para rega, consumo ou produção elétrica que têm veredas anexas que servem para passear e apreciar a natureza
Bom Vizinho Madeira
Bom Vizinho Madeira
Дмитро Кисюк
Дмитро Кисюк
Бесподобный остров. Красивый, зелёный, безопасный. Разнообразие растительности просто так и в куче ботанических садов. Горы и гроты. Недорогой. Приятные люди. Хорошие возможности для активного отдыха, не только пляжного. Плажи правда не очень (лучшие в северной части острова, но там хуже инфраструктура). Советую однозначно, хотябы для разового посещения.
Joao Lima Correia
Joao Lima Correia
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