Madeira seems to have been made to be explored, through a countless number of activities. Discover them all
Canyoning | Catamaran | Boat | Jeep Safari


We are in Funchal and we look towards the twilight. Do you know what we see? Absolutely nothing! No buildings, towers or bridges.

Kayak Experience

Come and discover a unique scenery on this adventure along the coast of Funchal.

Desertas Islands

Leaving from the Funchal Marina and heading out to sea towards the horizon, we reach a group of 3 islands, that although they are called Desert islands, are inhabited by numerous wildlife species both marine and land animals.

Whale Watching

Catamaran From the beaches to the outcrops and from the sea to the mountains. We churn up the ocean in our search for the right coordinates and there they are! Dolphins!

Wine & SkyWalk

Join us on this extraordinary open-top 4x4 excursion, where vineyards, wine tasting, and the Cabo Girão skywalk converge to create an encounter that will leave you breathless and desiring more.

Country Delights & Farmers Market

This adventure happens every Sundays, the only day we can visit Santo da Serra’s fair and market.

Nuns & Valleys – Curral das Freiras / Pico Areeiro

Pico dos Barcelos, Curral das Freiras, and Pico Areeiro are three captivating destinations in Madeira.

Vineyards & Colors – Cabo Girão

Start your day at a place of stirring atmosphere, visiting one of the most emblematic sightseeing points before all the hustle and bustle of buses and visitors cars arrive at Cabo Girão.

Southwest – Craters of Fire

This tour happens in the Southwest, where the sun shines all year round and calm reigns, cradled by the sound of the ocean waves.

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