Warning of severe sea disturbances issued for Madeira

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This morning, the Port Authority of Funchal issued a warning of severe sea unrest for the Region.

The warning was issued based on forecasts from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), which predict, for the seafront, until 06:00 tomorrow, a moderately good northwest wind, increasing to moderate to fresh, sometimes very cool. during the afternoon, heading north.

As for visibility, IPMA expects it to be good, sometimes moderate from the afternoon onwards.

With regard to swell, northwest waves of 1.5 to 2.5 m are expected for the North Coast, gradually increasing to 3 to 4.5 m, and for the South Coast, waves of less than 1 m, becoming west/southwest waves 1 to 2m.

The Port Authority of Funchal recommends that vessel owners and shipowners take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

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