Regional Parliament prepares to debate legal regime for walking paths

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The Specialized Commission for Natural Resources and Environment analyzed, today, two Regional Legislative Decree Projects, authored by the PS and the PSD, “which deal with a new regional legislative framework for the legal regime of pedestrian routes”, explained the president of the commission, at the end of the meeting.

Unanimously, and before going to the plenary, it was decided to hear three regional bodies “on this matter, given the importance it has and given the moment we are experiencing in Madeira”, said Nuno Maciel. The consultation will be carried out in person, on a date to be scheduled, with “ACIF, the entity representing entrepreneurs, the Association of Municipalities of Madeira, which represents the municipal councils, and the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, the entity that manages the routes. ”.

“By listening to these partners, we can certainly build a proposal for a regional legislative decree that is more solid, more complete and more representative of the interests of the sector”, concluded the President of the Commission.

The deputies of this specialized working group referred for debate in plenary, and after a first analysis, the Draft Regional Legislative Decree, of the PCP, entitled “Annual debate on the Environment, climate change and the study of Spatial Planning in the Autonomous Region of Wood”; the PS Draft Resolution, which “Recommends the Regional Government to publish the annual list of fresh products most and least contaminated by pesticides in the regional market”; and the PS Draft Resolution, which “Recommends to the Regional Government the creation of the Exceptional Regional Support for Crisis”.

The majority of deputies from the Natural Resources and Environment Commission rejected a parliamentary hearing, proposed by the Socialist Party, “on the slaughter and seizure of goats by the Forest Police”.

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