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Vereda Adoch + Madeira Wine

Tour through the most important wine area on the island. Stunning landscapes over agricultural […]

Levada Adoch + Poncha

Levada adoch its a leisure walk according with weather forecast for up to 2.30hrs. […]

Levada do Rei

The Levada do Rei begins in the Water Treatment Station in Quebradas in São […]

Vereda do Larano

This walk connects Machico to Porto da Cruz through an old footpath once used […]

Canyoning Expert

This is the top of the top and only available for experienced and autonomous […]

Tour I – Cais do Sardinha to Marina Quinta do Lorde

Discover the coast of Baia D’Abra and feel the sea breeze as you travel […]

Lighthouse View III – Cais do Sardinha, Lighthouse and return to Cais do Sardinha

Boat Tour from Cais do Sardinha, Lighthouse of Ponta de São Lourenço and return […]

Kayak Experience – Ponta de São Lourenço

Take a water taxi from Marina Quinta do Lorde to Cais do Sardinha. Then […]

Boat Tour Ponta São Lourenço – Lighthouse View II

Boat Tour from Marina Quinta do Lorde, Visit Lighthouse of Ponta de São Lourenço […]
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