Pico do Areeiro

Pico do Arieiro

Access to Rabaçal, Balcões and Pico do Areeiro will be paid in 2025

Access to the Rabaçal, Balcões and Pico do Areeiro routes will be paid from next year. Information provided by Rafaela Fernandes, regional secretary for Agriculture and Environment. Access to the Ponta de São Lourenço route, which has been paid for since April last year, will now cost €2. The charging method is being studied. The...
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Collapse ends route between Areeiro and Ruivo peaks

The Recommended Pedestrian Route Pico do Areeiro – Pico Ruivo is closed due to the occurrence of a landslide that is preventing safe circulation, as reported today by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN). The IFCN informed in a statement that it will clean and restore the trail, keeping this Recommended Pedestrian Route...
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Pico do Areeiro has a new car park

There is a new car park to try to minimize the traffic problems felt next to Pico do Areeiro. The new parking area has a capacity for 200 vehicles and is located about 800 meters from Pico. To facilitate access, a path was built that allows you to reach Areeiro in about 10 minutes. There...
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