Port of Funchal triples the number of passengers in January

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The port of Funchal received, in January, 35 cruise ships that transported 88,475 passengers, which represented more than three times compared to the same month last year, informed the Administration of the Ports of Madeira (APRAM).

According to the note released, in the first month of this year, six more vessels docked in the port of Madeira than in the same month and the average occupancy per vessel was 2,528 passengers, which means almost 87%.

“These numbers attest to the full recovery of the industry, after the pandemic period, which was predictable for 2023, but I did not expect it to materialize in the first month of the year, even surpassing the years prior to the pandemic”, says the president of APRAM, mentioned in the statement.

Paula Cabaço stresses that “the fact that the average occupancy rates per ship have risen to levels higher than those of the years before the pandemic is impressive”.

The official mentions that in 2022 the movement of scales approached and “even surpassed the months of 2019, but the movement of passengers did not follow this growth, due to the restrictions, in the context of the fight against covid-19”.

With the gradual easing of restrictions, “naturally, passenger confidence has also increased”.

In January, “60,106 more passengers went to Madeira on cruise ships than in the same month last year”.

“Compared to January 2019, in the pre-pandemic period, there were three more stopovers and 19,196 passengers in this first month of 2023”, it is mentioned.

There was also “a movement of 33,303 crew members, 12,191 more than in the same period of 2022 and 8,249 more than in January 2019”.

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