IVBAM promotes Madeira Embroidery and Crafts at the Flower Festival

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The Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Crafts Institute (IVBAM), within the scope of the Flower Festival, which runs from April 27th to May 21st, will promote a range of actions aimed at strengthening the promotion of Madeiran Embroidery and Crafts.

– Exhibition space for Madeira Embroidery and Regional Handicrafts

This space located on Avenida Arriaga, next to the Cathedral of Funchal, will host, alternately, various types of handicraft products, made using different materials and techniques, such as boots and pieces alluding to regional fabric, costume jewelry, tiles, cooperage, ceramics and, of course, Madeira Embroidery, inspiring locals and tourists alike for exquisite gifts and souvenirs.

Between April 27th and May 7th, Madeira Embroidery will be represented by four companies that produce Madeira Embroidery, namely: Gês Bordados, Bordal – Bordados da Madeira, Abreu & Araújo and Casa do Turista. From the 8th to the 21st of May, it will be the turn of Artesanato da Madeira, which will be represented by thirty artisans of different arts.

– Exhibitions of Madeira Embroidery in the main “gateways” of the island of Madeira

Considering the large influx of tourists at this time of year, Madeira Embroidery will be promoted with exhibitions at Madeira Airport and Porto do Funchal.

– Exhibition of Madeira Embroidery at the Shopping Center La Vie Funchal

Between April 27th and May 8th, under the motto “The Flower that inspires, the Embroidery that makes it eternal” an exhibition will be held based on image/photography, highlighting Madeira Embroidery pieces in outdoor environments, surrounded by flowers and nature, encouraging locals and tourists to appreciate this noble art of Madeira.

– Promoters of Madeira Embroidery in the city of Funchal

During the Flower Festival, specific actions will be carried out with promoters elegantly dressed in Madeira Embroidery, who will distribute discount vouchers to be used in the Madeira Embroidery houses, between Mercado dos Lavradores and Avenida Arriaga, the route where the respective houses are located. of Madeira Embroidery.

With these actions, IVBAM intends to boost Madeira’s Embroidery and Handicraft sectors, sectors of great cultural relevance for the Island of Madeira and which largely depend on tourism.

Indeed, the Flower Festival is one of the main tourist attractions in RAM, attracting thousands of tourists every year, who are enchanted by the observance of our traditions and for Madeirans this is also a very cherished festival and which motivates their trip to the Funchal city centre.

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