Hunting season opens on October 1st in Madeira and Porto Santo

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The hunting season in Madeira and Porto Santo will open on October 1st. The decision was taken after the Regional Government heard the main players in this sector – Hunters’ associations; hunting technicians and the hunters themselves.

On the island of Madeira, hunting will open to wild rabbit, red partridge, rock pigeon, woodcock and snipe species. Taking into account the significant increase in the rabbit population, both in forest areas and on agricultural land, the hunting periods for this species will be longer than the previous season, as well as their daily slaughter limit.

It is expected that the largest influx of hunters will fall, in the first few days, in forested areas, mainly in Paúl da Serra and the Serras de Santo António and São Roque. Along with these places, Achada do Teixeira, Serras do Poiso and the entire southern coastal area of Madeira Island should be the places chosen for most hunters to practice this activity.

On Porto Santo Island, due to the myxomatosis outbreak that is causing high mortality in wild rabbit colonies, there will be no venatory period for this species. After the end of the myxomatosis outbreak period, censuses will be carried out, which will make it possible to assess its density.

Thus, on the island of Porto Santo, it will be possible to hunt the Rock Pigeon and the Red Partridge. The latter, and in order not to cause disproportionate pressure on the partridge population, will see a reduction in hunting days, the daily slaughter limit, as well as the hunting day (hours).

In the coming days, complying with the stipulated legal deadlines, the Regional Government will publish the ordinance and notice for the current auction season.

Therefore, with the measures explained here, the aim is to promote sustainable hunting management, as well as guarantee the continuity and maintenance of biological balances in our Archipelago.

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