Funchal City Council supports European Folklore Week

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In the context of support for associations and activities of municipal interest, the Municipality of Funchal signed a protocol with the Folkloric and Ethnographic Group of Boa Nova, in the amount of 7,000 euros to support the European Folklore Week, which will take place on August 28 the 1st of September in the Auditorium of the Municipal Garden.

The European Folklore Week, which began in 2004, is an international folklore festival, which takes place every year in the city of Funchal, under the responsibility of the Folklore and Ethnographic Group of Boa Nova with the support of the Regional Directorate of Tourism. and the Municipality of Funchal, within the scope of the Madeira Wine Festival.

The Folkloric and Ethnographic Group of Boa Nova was founded on August 15, 1965. It obtained the status of Public Utility Institution in 1994 and the Statute of Superior Cultural Interest in the same year. In 1990, for its 25th anniversary, the Funchal City Council unanimously decided to award a “Praise Vote” to the group for the work carried out in favor of Madeiran culture and folklore.

Hence, CMF’s support is a way of recognizing the important role that this association has in the community, which involves a large number of people and contributes to the appreciation of local traditions and the cultural and ethnographic heritage of Funchal. In addition, the group has played a fundamental role in the investigation, defense and promotion of heritage values ​​in favor of the preservation and development of Funchal’s cultural identity.

Over the years, groups from 25 countries were present, as many from mainland Portugal from North to South and Islands. This year, the Folklore Group Monte Verde, the Folklore and Ethnographic Group of Boa Nova, the Folklore Group of Casa do Povo de Gaula, the Danza Castro Froxo Provincial School (Spain), Folk Dance Ensemble “Wronki” will be present. (Poland), Ethnographic Group of Beira (Azores), Regional Ranch of Casa do Povo de Ílhavo (Aveiro) and Agrupación Folklórica Abenechara (Canary Islands).

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