Caniçal hosts the 5th edition of the Tuna, Gaiado and Seafood Festival

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Between the 8th and 10th of July, Caniçal will host the 5th Festival of Tuna, Gaiado and Seafood, in an event that will be enhanced by the performances of Rute Marlene, DJ Master Jake and the humor of 4 Litro, in a presentation of this festival that was attended by the President of the Municipality of Machico, Ricardo Franco and the vice president Nuno Moreira.

Ricardo Franco, president of the Municipality revealed that “it is an event that gives primacy to local and regional cuisine”, honoring the work “of the fishermen of Caniçal, a fishing village. They are the ones who bring the fruit of their work to land, especially the species that are part of the local gastronomy”.

The event will have six exhibitors of the best fishing in the county and this festival will have a strong “dynamization of gastronomy in the restaurants and local commerce”, which will provide “the most typical dishes of the parish that have fish as a component”. This festival is in its 5th edition and was also stopped for two years due to the pandemic. Ricardo Franco revealed that “there is a gradual growth” in this event, so it is expected “a great influx of public from the county and the entire Region, who will have the opportunity to taste a little of the cuisine of Caniçal and the county”.

In the enclosure located on the seafront of Caniçal there will be 6 stands, two restaurants, three bars and an association, with traditional cuisine from that parish further east of the county.

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