Banana sales decreased by 4.8%

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Among the different types of banana traded in 2021, the 2nd category was the only one to grow this year, when compared to 2020 (+3.8%), as the extra category and 1st category fell by 5 .0% and 7.7%, respectively.

Of the total number of bananas sold in the year under analysis, 84.6% were shipped (85.1% in 2020), with the main destination being the mainland. In turn, extra category bananas represented 80.2% of the total traded (80.5% in 2020), reaching 16.2 thousand tons.

September was the month of 2021 in which the largest amount of bananas transacted was recorded (2.4 thousand tons) and February the month with the least abundance of this product (885.4 tons).

November and April were the months with the highest year-on-year increase (+15.0% and +11.1%, respectively). January and July, on the other hand, registered the most significant year-on-year drops in banana sales (-17.8% and -15.9%, in the same order).

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