Warning of strong winds and sea disturbances continues until dawn

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The Port Authority of Funchal extended, after receiving from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere the general situation of the weather for the coast of the Region, the warning of strong winds at sea until 6 am tomorrow, 28th of February.

According to the information, sent in a statement, the wind will be “fresh to very fresh NE, sometimes strong in the morning and from the evening onwards”. In terms of sea agitation, on the North coast “NE waves of between 3 and 4 meters are expected. On the south coast, the waves will be E/SE between 1 and 2 meters.” In turn, visibility will be “good”.

In this sense, and as usual, the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal recommends the entire maritime community and the population in general to take care, both when preparing to go to sea, and when they are at sea or in areas coastal areas, namely “reinforce mooring and maintain close surveillance of moored and anchored vessels; avoid walks near the sea or in areas exposed to maritime agitation, such as the protective jetties of ports, cliffs or beaches, avoiding being surprised by a wave; do not practice recreational fishing, especially near cliffs and cliff areas frequently affected by breaking waves, always bearing in mind that in these conditions the sea can easily reach apparently safe areas”.

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