Ribeira Brava Parish Council cleans Espigão path

Photo: DR

The Ribeira Brava Parish Council cleaned “one of the most symbolic paths in the parish”.

In a press release, the local authority says that it is a path that connects the Espigão site to the Meia-Légua site, a route of moderate difficulty, around 2000 meters, with more than 1600 steps along its length. .

“With this intervention, something much requested by the resident population, dignity was restored and another mobility option was returned to the parish, not only for locals, but also for tourists who visit Ribeira Brava and seek the high areas to get in touch with nature in its purest state and still have a privileged view over this beautiful valley. Marco Martins takes the opportunity to give special thanks to the employees of the Ribeira Brava Parish Council who participated in this intervention, for continuing tireless in their commitment and dedication”, reads the statement.

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