Italy kicks off Atlantic Festival with heavy flooding in Funchal

Photo: Luís Fernandes

The first pyromusical show of the Atlantic Festival has just started and was hosted by Italy.

For 3 Saturdays, the bay of Funchal, as has been customary for some years now, throughout the month of June, is filled with light and color, which, together with the sound of music, constitute a spectacle strongly applauded by locals and tourists. It is always at 10:30 pm that the fire is released into the air. And this time was no exception.

Thousands watched the show with the theme ‘The cycle of life’, by the Italian company ‘Fireworks Lieto SRl’. This initiative by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture also has the participation of France and England. The objective is to achieve two trophies: the Atlantic one, awarded by a jury and the ‘Madeira Tão Tua’, awarded by the public.

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