IL criticizes “smoking show”

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In a statement sent to newsrooms, the Madeira Liberal Initiative Coordinating Committee criticized this year’s fireworks, mainly due to the abundance of smoke.

“The Regional Government of Madeira spent more than 1 million euros on a ‘fumotechnical’ show. There, between 3 and 4 minutes, the smoke deprived Madeirans of seeing the whole picture, especially those who were at higher levels”, he criticized.

“Because we are not specialists, we do not appreciate the quality of what we could see, but no one can ignore that the excessive amount of smoke has harmed the whole”, he reinforced, considering that the spectacle was far from desirable.

“Explanations are awaited which, we are almost sure, will be shielded by the ‘weather conditions’, because in this land of ours nature is always to blame, which cannot be controlled”, he concluded.

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