Flower Festival postponed to September

Photo: DR

Due to the current circumstances resulting from the world pandemic by COVID-19, and given the effects that it has caused on the emitting tourism markets for Madeira and on Madeira itself as a destination, the Regional Government decided to postpone the Flower Festival to September, initially scheduled for the month of May. As yet there is still no final date, however the dates, of that which is one of the main festivals of Destination Madeira, will soon be finalized.

With this postponement, it is intended that the Flower Festival constitute as the relaunching of Destination Madeira, both for the national and international markets, enhancing it so as to be used as the conveyer of the beginning of a new cycle, of the restoration of confidence, well-being and joy of the people, these being residents or visitors.
The Flower Festival, beside being a tribute to flowers, is also a cultural event, since, in association with the event, traditions are highlighted, either through the performances by folk groups, or the construction of the beautiful floral carpets, and also, through the animation of the city with musical concerts and variety shows.

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