Flood at the farewell to the Atlantic Festival


Many people flocked to Funchal tonight for the last pyromusical show integrated in the Atlantic Festival.

This last moment, which did not count for the contest, was provided by the organizing company ‘Macedo’s Pirotecnia’ with the theme ‘Madeira, The fifth element’.

As we reported a moment ago, the Atlantic Festival jury awarded first place to the pyromusical show in Belgium, run by the company ‘H.C. Pyrotechnics’, with the theme ‘A journey of emotions’, presented on the 18th.

2nd place went to Canada, for the company ‘Apogée Fireworks’, with the theme ‘The Immortals’, on the 11th.

In 3rd place was Ukraine, a show presented by the company ‘Dance of Fire’, with the theme ‘The various colors of the Ukrainian soul’, on the 4th.

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