1st Wine Discovery Day will take place from the 22nd to the 26th of September in Madeira

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The 1st Wine Discovery Day, co-organized by the International Federation of Bacchanalian Confraternities (FICB) and by the Enogastronomic Confraternity of Madeira, takes place on this island from the 22nd to the 26th of September.

According to the Confraria, this event will provide participants with the opportunity to get to know, locally, the history and production of the centuries-old Madeira Wine, “from the Portuguese discoveries to the present day. developed, surrounded by the exuberant landscape of the Island and Madeiran hospitality”.

“Our fortified wine, Madeira Wine, is unique and widely appreciated all over the world and our still wines have their own personality, they get their acidity from those old volcanic soils, from the sometimes merciless winds that whip the vineyards and give them an intense salinity, the freshness of the altitude of the mountains, aromas of fruits and flowers so diverse, the result of a natural pollination, and the maturation that so many days of sun exposure allow”, emphasizes the Confraria.

The complete program can be consulted here.

Interested parties may contact the Confraria via email and/or mobile phone (+351) 917 777 282.

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