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8th edition – Trout Festival/Cider Route

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The municipality of Santana hosts another edition of the Trout Festival/Cider Route, an event which coincides with the Meeting of Cultural Groups in the municipality of Santana, held between May,23rd to 27th.

Cider and trout are two culinary elements little-known by visitors, who will thus have the opportunity to savour these products during this festival, through visits to the Ribeiro Frio aquaculture station; participation in trout fishing contests; presentations and food tastings based around trout and cider; and exhibitions that demonstrate the handmade cider production process, a drink that is very appreciated by the people of Madeira.
The event extends to the localities of Achada do Cedro Gordo, Pico do Cedro Gordo and Chão do Cedro Gordo, in the parish of São Roque do Faial, municipality of Santana.

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